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Advanced Reclosing Schemes in Power Distribution Systems Considering Power Quality

임성정(Im, Seong-Jeong) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Cheol)

A New Distribution System Power Flow Method Using Symmetrical Components

최정환(Choe, Jeong-Hwan) ; 정성일(Jeong, Seong-Il) ; 박제영(Park, Je-Yeong) ; 김광호(Kim, Gwang-Ho) ; 김재언(Kim, Jae-Eon) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Geun)

The Design, Manufacture and Applications of a Gap Noise Generator for Testing the Characteristics of EMI from Transmission Lines

주윤로(Ju, Yun-Ro) ; 양광호(Yang, Gwang-Ho) ; 명성호(Myeong, Seong-Ho) ; 이동일(Lee, Dong-Il) ; 신구용(Sin, Gu-Yong)

State Estimation in Subway Power Systems

류헌수(Ryu, Heon-Su) ; 하운관(Ha, Un-Gwan) ; 문영현(Mun, Yeong-Hyeon)

Development of Optimal Power Flow for the Ancillary Service of Reactive Power Generation under Restructuring Environment

이승렬(Lee, Seung-Ryeol) ; 이병준(Lee, Byeong-Jun) ; 송태용(Song, Tae-Yong) ; 정민화(Jeong, Min-Hwa) ; 문영환(Mun, Yeong-Hwan)