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SOP based Fault Type Identification of Substation using ANN

이경민(Kyung-Min Lee) ; 박철원(Chul-Won Park)

Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Hourly Temperature Sensitivity on Summer Weekdays

김정환(Jung-Hwan Kim) ; 김규한(Kyu-Han Kim) ; 이흥석(Heung-Seok Lee) ; 박준호(June Ho Park)

An Optimal ESS Operation Strategy Considering the Quantitative Effect of Peak Management with Meta-Heuristic Optimization

주형준(Hyeong-Jun Ju) ; 손진만(Jin-Man Sohn)

Design of a Reinforcement Learning-Based Disturbance Observer for Line Fault Detection of a Single Machine Infinite Bus System

장수영(Su Young Jang) ; 강상희(Young Ik Son) ; 손영익(Sang Hee Kang)

Short-term Load Forecasting Using XGBoost and the Analysis of Hyperparameters

오재영(Jae-Young Oh) ; 함도현(Do-Hyeon Ham) ; 이용건(Yong-Geon Lee) ; 김기백(Gibak Kim)

Development of Classification Model of Power System Fault by Using PMU Big-Data

강성범(Sung-Bum Kang) ; 고백경(Baek-Kyeong Ko) ; 남수철(Su-Chul NAM) ; 최영도(Yong-Do Choi) ; 김용학(Yong-Hak Kim) ; 전동훈(Dong-Hoon Jeon)

Development of Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for the Prediction of Power Failures by Natural Disaster

최민희(Min-Hee Choi) ; 정남준(Nam-Joon Jung) ; 이규철(Kyu-Chul Lee) ; 정재성(Jae-Sung Jeong) ; 서인용(In-Young Seo)

Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Deep Learning Model

김도현(Dohyun Kim) ; 조호진(Ho Jin-Jo) ; 김명수(Myung Su Kim) ; 노재형(Jae Hyung Roh) ; 박종배(Jong-Bae Park)