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Low Resistivity Ohmic Ni/Si/Ni Contacts to N-Type 4H-SiC

김창교(Kim C. K.) ; 양성준(Yang S. J.) ; 조남인(Cho N. I.) ; 유홍진(Yoo H. J.)

Influence of Substrate Temperature of SCT Thin Film by RF Sputtering Method

김진사(Kim Jin-Sa) ; 오용철(Oh Yong-Cheol) ; 조춘남(Cho Choon-Nam) ; 이동규(Lee Dong-Gyu) ; 신철기(Shin Cheol-Gi) ; 김충혁(Kim Chung-Hyeok)

A Study of The Voltage Transfer Function Dependent On Input Conditions For An N-Input NAND Gate

김인모(Kim In-Mo) ; 송상헌(Song Sang-Hun) ; 김수원(Kim Soo-Won)

A Study on the Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition by Use of SOM Algorithm

김정태(Kim Jeong-Tae) ; 이호근(Lee Ho-Keun) ; 임윤석(Lim Yoon Seok) ; 김지홍(Kim Ji-Hong) ; 구자윤(Koo Ja-Yoon)

Degradation Diagnosis of Insulation Paper Using CO and CO_2 Gases in Oil Immersed Transformers

선종호(Sun Jong-Ho) ; 이상화(Yi Sang-Hwa) ; 김광화(Kim Kwang-Hwa)

Frequency-Time Analysis(Partition-FFT) for Tracking Detection

지승욱(Jee S. W.) ; 이상훈(Lee S. H.) ; 김충년(Kim Ch. N.) ; 이춘하(Lee C. H.) ; 이광식(Lee K. S.)

Fast Calculation of Capacitance Matrix for Strip-Line Crossings and Other Interconnects

Srinivasan Jegannathan(Srinivasan Jegannathan) ; 이동준(Lee Dong-Jun) ; 심덕선(Shim Duk-Sun) ; 양철관(Yang Cheol-Kwan) ; 김형규(Kim Hyung-Kyu) ; 김형석(Kim Hyeong-Seok)

The Fabrication Processes for the Planarization of Sacrificial Layers over Hollow Structures

윤용섭(Yoon Yong-Seop) ; 배기덕(Bae Ki-Deok) ; 최형(Choi Hyung) ; 전찬봉(Jun Chan-Bong) ; 노광춘(Ro Kwang-Choon)