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Aging and Recovery of HTV Silicone Rubber Used for Outdoor Insulator

연복희(Yeon, Bok-Hui) ; 허창수(Heo, Chang-Su) ; 조한구(Jo, Han-Gu)

Thermal Aging Predictions of Polymeric Materials from Arrhenius Plot Using TGA

심대섭(Sim, Dae-Seop) ; 박성균(Park, Seong-Gyun) ; 이철호(Lee, Cheol-Ho)

Analysis and Countermeasures for False-Tripping of Earth Leakage Breaker Due to Lightning Surge

이재복(Lee, Jae-Bok) ; 명성호(Myeong, Seong-Ho) ; 조연규(Jo, Yeon-Gyu) ; 장석훈(Jang, Seok-Hun) ; 김점식(Kim, Jeom-Sik)

ELF 3D Magnetic Field and Eddy Current Calculation of Human Body Around Transmission Lines

명성호(Myeong, Seong-Ho) ; 이동일(Lee, Dong-Il) ; 신구용(Sin, Gu-Yong) ; 한인수(Han, In-Su) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Geun)

A Basic Study on the Estimation of Discharge Current Waveform and the Insulation Diagnosis by the Measurement of Electromagnetic Environment

박광서(Park, Gwang-Seo) ; 김기채(Kim, Gi-Chae) ; 김이국(Kim, Lee-Guk) ; 박원주(Park, Won-Ju) ; 이광식(Lee, Gwang-Sik)

Characteristics of Fluorescent Discharge Lamp Type Ozonizer for Environment Improvement

박용권(Park, Yong-Gwon) ; 이상근(Lee, Sang-Geun) ; 전병준(Jeon, Byeong-Jun) ; 송현직(Song, Hyeon-Jik) ; 이광식(Lee, Gwang-Sik) ; 하장호(Ha, Jang-Ho)

The Study on the Mutual Characteristics Between Transmitting Efficiency of Pulse Energy and Wall Plug Consumed Power of Non-Thermal Plasma

정종한(Jeong, Jong-Han) ; 정현주(Jeong, Hyeon-Ju) ; 김휘영(Kim, Hwi-Yeong) ; 정용호(Jeong, Yong-Ho) ; 송금영(Song, Geum-Yeong) ; 김근용(Kim, Geun-Yong) ; 김희제(Kim, Hui-Je)