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Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Semiconductive Shield in Power Cable; Volume Resistivity and Stress-Strain Measurement

이경용(Lee Kyoung-Yong) ; 양종석(Yang Jong-Seok) ; 최용성(Choi Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park Dae-Hee)

Study on the Mophology Observation and Electrical Properties of Dipyridinium Organic Monolayer Using STM

이남석(Lee Nam-Suk) ; 신훈규(Shin Hoon-Kyu) ; 권영수(Kwon Young-Soo)

Capacitive Voltage Divide for a Pulsed High-Voltage Measurement

장성덕(Jang Sung-Duck) ; 손윤규(Son Yoon-Kyoo) ; 권세진(Kwon Sei-Jin) ; 오종석(Oh Jong-Seok) ; 조무현(Cho Moo-Hyun)

Analysis of Thermal Recovery Characteristics for Nozzle of SF6 GCB Considering Nozzle Ablation

이병윤(Lee Byeong-Yoon) ; 송기동(Song Ki-Dong) ; 정진교(Chong Jin-Kyo) ; 박경엽(Park Kyong-Yop)

Design SAW BPF Using 1Port Resonance Characteristic

최승완(Choi Seung-Wan) ; 손창신(Son Chang-Sin) ; 정명섭(Joung Myoung-Sub) ; 이택주(Lee Taek-Ju) ; 김형석(Kim Hyeong-Seok) ; 박준석(Park Jun-Seok) ; 임재봉(Lim Jae-Bong)

Design of BPF Using A New DGS Resonator

윤장식(Yoon Jang-Sik) ; 정명섭(Joung Myoung-Sub) ; 박준석(Park Jun-Seok) ; 박천석(Park Cheon-Seok)