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Fininte Element Analysis of Squirrel-cage Induction Motor Taking into account the End-ring

하경호(Ha, Gyeong-Ho) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak) ; 임태빈(Im, Tae-Bin)

Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnet Type LDM for Implementation

김용(Kim, Yong) ; 백수현(Baek, Soo-Hyeon)

Performance Enhancement of Sensorless Drive for Brushless DC Motors using Digital Filter

여형기(Yeo, Hyeong-Gi) ; 김태형(Kim, Tae-Hyeong) ; 박정배(Park, Jeong-Bae) ; 이광운(Lee, Gwang-Un) ; 유지윤(Yu, Ji-Yun)

A Study on the ZVS-SEPP Type High Frequency Resonant Inverter with induction Heating Jar(I)

김종해(Kim, Jong-Hae) ; 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hee) ; 노채균(No, Chae-Gyan) ; 배영호(Bae, Young-Ho) ; 백승면(Baek, Seung-Myun) ; 문창수(Moon, Chang-Soo)

An Imrpoved Gate Control Scheme for Overvoltage Clamping under IGBT Series Connection

김완종(Kim, Wan-Jong) ; 최창호(Choe, Chang-Ho) ; 현동석(Hyeon, Dong-Seok)

Elimination of a Common Mode Voltage Pulse in Converter/Inverter System Modifying Space-Vector PWM Method

이현동(Lee, Hyeon-Dong) ; 이영민(Lee, Yeong-Min) ; 설승기(Seol, Seung-Gi)