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Design of GA-Fuzzy Precompensator of TCSC-PSS for Enhancement of Power System Stability

왕용필(Wang Yong-Peel) ; 정문규(Chung Mun-Kyu) ; 정형환(Chung Hyeng-Hwan)

Improvement of the Protection Algorithm Based on Voltage Difference Method for Detecting Arcing Faults within 22.9kV Shunt Capacitor Banks

임정욱(Lim Jung-Uk) ; 권영진(Kwon Young-Jin) ; 강상희(Kang Sang-Hee) ; 육유경(Yuk Yoo-Kyoung)

Fault Location Identification Using Software Fault Tolerance Technique

김원하(Kim Wonha) ; 장용원(Jang Yong-Won) ; 한승수(Han Seung-Soo)

The Method for Estimating the Inverse Demand Curve of Cournot Model in Electricity Market

강동주(Kang Dong-Joo) ; 허진(Hur Jin) ; 김태현(Kim Tae-Hyun) ; 문영환(Moon Young-Hwan) ; 이근대(Lee Keun-Dae) ; 정구형(Chung Koo-Hyung) ; 김발호(Kim Balho H.)

Development of Market Modeling and Price Simulator(MMPS) Under the .NET Framework

허진(Hur Jin) ; 강동주(Kang Dong-Joo) ; 정해성(Jung Hae-Sung) ; 문영환(Moon Young-Hwan)

Approach for Evaluating the Nash Equilibrium of Cournot Game Model for N-Gencos by Using Payoff Matrix in Wholesale Electricity Market

박종배(Park Jong-Bae) ; 임정열(Lim Jung-Youl) ; 이기송(Lee Ki-Song) ; 신중린(Shin Joong-Rin)