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A Study on Open Phase Fault Characteristics of Interconnecting Transformer for PV System Based on PSCAD/EMTDC

강갑석(Kab-Seok Kang) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 태동현(Dong-Hyun Tae) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

A Novel Reactive Power Control Strategy of Renewable Generators for Voltage Rise Mitigation in Distribution Network

김수빈(Soo-Bin Kim) ; 송승호(Seung-Ho Song) ; 강용철(Yong-Cheol Kang)

Scaled RMSE and Shewhart Control Chart-based Abnormal Reference Day Detection Method to Improve the Forecasting Accuracy of Community-level Power Demand

김치연(Chi-Yeon Kim) ; 김채린(Chae-Rin Kim) ; 김동근(Dong-Keun Kim) ; 최형진(Hyeong-Jin Choi) ; 박시삼(Si-Sam Park) ; 조수환(Soo-Hwan Cho)

Characteristic Analysis of Force Ripple Reduction in Linear Magnetic Gear

우종현(Jong-Hyeon Woo) ; 서성원(Sung-Won Seo) ; 방태경(Tae-Kyoung Bang) ; 최장영(Jang-Young Choi)

Impact Stray Load Loss on Distribution Transformer Depending on Material of Clamp and Tank

김상현(Sang-Hyun Kim) ; 이향범(Hyang-Beom Lee)

Optimal Efficiency Design and Comparison according to Magnet Materials of Coaxial Magnetic Gear

박의종(Eui-Jong Park) ; 정상용(Sang-Yong Jung) ; 김용재(Yong-Jae Kim)

Implementation of High-efficiency 1.5kW LDC for xEV using GaN HEMT

김현빈(Hyun-Bin Kim) ; 김종수(Jong-Soo Kim)

PWM Dimming Characteristics of the MHz band LED Driver Using GaN HEMT for the Solution of Camera Image Flickering

인치각(Chi-Gak In) ; 김준석(Joohn-Sheok Kim) ; 오용승(Yong-Seung Oh) ; 오원석(Won-Seok Oh) ; 조규민(Kyu-Min Cho)

Design of the Cascaded H-bridge Multi-level Inverter for HyperTube Propulsion

조정민(Jeong-Min Jo) ; 이광주(Kwang-Joo Lee) ; 이석영(Seok-Young Lee) ; 최수용(Su-Yong Choi) ; 이창영(Chang-Young Lee) ; 이관섭(Kwan-Sup Lee)