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A Study on the Countermeasure Algorithm for Power System Disturbances in Large Scale Fuel Cell Generation System

최성식(Choi, Sung-sik) ; 김병기(Kim, Byung-ki) ; 박재범(Park, Jae-beom) ; 노대석(Rho, Dae-seok)

A Study on the Weekend Load Forecasting of Jeju System by using Temperature Changes Sensitivity

정희원(Jeong, Hui-Won) ; 구본희(Ku, Bon-Hui) ; 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min)

Modeling & Operating Algorithm of Hybrid Generation System with PMSG Wind Turbine, Diesel Generator and BESS

오준석(Oh, Joon-Seok) ; 정의용(Jeong, Ui-Yong) ; 박종호(Park, Jong-Ho) ; 박민수(Park, Min-Su) ; 김재언(Kim, Jae-Eon)

An Adaptive Control of Smart Appliances with Peak Shaving Considering EV Penetration

Haider, Zunaib Maqsood(Haider, Zunaib Maqsood) ; Malik, Farhan H.(Malik, Farhan H.) ; Rafique, M. Kashif(Rafique, M. Kashif) ; 이순정(Lee, Soon-Jeong) ; 김준혁(Kim, Jun-Hyeok) ; Mehmood, Khawaja Khalid(Mehmood, Khawaja Khalid) ; Khan, Saad Ullah(Khan, Saad Ullah) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan)

A Review Method of Calculation Results on Cable Ampacity using the Transformation to Electric Equivalent Circuit from Cable Thermal Circuit

강연욱(Kang, Yeon-Woog) ; 김민주(Kim, Min-Ju) ; 장태인(Jang, Tae-In) ; 박진우(Park, Jin-Woo) ; 박흥석(Park, Hung-Sok) ; 강지원(Kang, JI-Won)

A Method of Computing the Frequency-Dependent Ground Impedance of Horizontally-buried Wires

조성철(Cho, Sung-Chul) ; 이복희(Lee, Bok-Hee)

A Design of Advanced Distribution Management System Based on IT/OT Convergence

임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 이승주(Lee, Seung-Joo) ; 박종호(Park, Jong-Ho) ; 신용학(Shin, Yong-Hak)

A Study on the Modeling and Operation Algorithm of Independent Power System for Carbon Free

왕종용(Wang, Jong-Yong) ; 김병기(Kim, Byung-Ki) ; 박재범(Park, Jea-Bum) ; 김병목(Kim, Byung-Mok) ; 김응상(Kim, Eung-Sang) ; 노대석(Rho, Dae-Seok)

Overhang Effect on the Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor

우동균(Woo, Dong-Kyun)

The Improved Quasi-3D FE Analysis on the AFPM Motor

우동균(Woo, Dong-Kyun)