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Compensation Algorithm for the Secondary Voltage of a Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformer by Considering the Hysteresis Characteristics of the Core

강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol) ; 정태영(Zheng, Tai-Ying) ; 강해권(Kang, Hae-Gweon) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il) ; 김용균(Kim, Yong-Gyun)

Integrated Volt/Var Control Algorithm based on the Distributed Load Modeling of Distribution Network

김영인(Kim, Young-In) ; 임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 최면송(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 이성우(Lee, Sung-Woo) ; 권성철(Kwon, Sung-Chul)

The Comparison of Reliability for Change Single Loop Configuration in Radial Power Distribution System

이희태(Lee, Hee-Tae) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 김주용(Kim, Ju-Yong)

Analysis on SFCL's Impedance for Protective Coordination in Large Transformer installed in Distribution Substation

김진석(Kim, Jin-Seok) ; 김명후(Kim, Myoung-Hoo) ; 류일경(You, Il-Kyoung) ; 문종필(Moon, Jong-Fil) ; 임성훈(Lim, Sung-Hun) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 안재민(Ahn, Jae-Min)

Economic Dispatch Algorithm as Combinatorial Optimization Problems

민경일(Min, Kyung-Il) ; 이수원(Lee, Su-Won) ; 최인규(Choi, In-Kyu) ; 문영현(Moon, Young-Hyun)

A Study on the Model of Competitive Electricity Market Considering Emission Trading

김상훈(Kim, Sang-Hoon) ; 이광호(Lee, Kwang-Ho) ; 김욱(Kim, Wook)

The Optimal Operation of Distributed Generation Possessed by Community Energy System Considering Low-Carbon Paradigm

김성열(Kim, Sung-Yul) ; 심헌(Shim, Hun) ; 배인수(Bae, In-Su) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

A Study on the Optimal Method for Mal-function of Re-closer at the Distribution Feeders Interconnected with PV Systems

김찬혁(Kim, Chan-Hyeok) ; 박현석(Park, Hyeon-Seok) ; 노대석(Rho, Dea-Seok) ; 신창훈(Shin, Chang-Hoon) ; 윤기갑(Yoon, Gi-Gab)

A Novel Passive Converter for Improving Drive Characteristics of a Single Phase SRM

이동희(Lee, Dong-Hee) ; Liang, Jianing(Liang, Jianing) ; 안진우(Ahn, Jin-Woo)