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A Study on Novel Excitation Method to Reduce Acoustic Noise in SRM Drive

문재원(Mun, Jae-Won) ; 오석규(O, Seok-Gyu) ; 안진우(An, Jin-U) ; 황영문(Hwang, Yeong-Mun)

Calculation of Coupling Loss in a HTS Tape by using Analytic Method and Numerical Method

심정욱(Sim, Jeong-Uk) ; 이희준(Lee, Hui-Jun) ; 차귀수(Cha, Gwi-Su) ; 이지광(Lee, Ji-Gwang) ; 한송엽(Han, Song-Yeop)

Manufacturing Prototype and Characteristics Analysis of Disk type Single Phase SRM by 3D Finite Element Method

이종한(Lee, Jong-Han) ; 오영웅(O, Yeong-Ung) ; 임수생(Im, Su-Saeng) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung)

Practical Series-Parallel Compensated Uninterruptible Power Supply

전성즙(Jeon, Seong-Jeup) ; 최규형(Choe, Gyu-Hyeong)

Reactive Current Control Method for Variable Source Voltage of AC-DC PWM Converter

김병수(Kim, Byoung-Soo) ; 이상훈(Lee, Sang-Hun) ; 최철(Choi, Cheol) ; 김철우(Kim, Cheul-U)