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A Numerical Algorithm for Fault Location Estimation Considering Long-Transmission Line

김병만(Kim, Byeong-Man) ; 채명석(Chae, Myeong-Suk) ; 강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol)

Estimation of the Circulating Currents in the Parallel Operation of Transformers

강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol) ; 이미선(Lee, Mi-Sun) ; 이병은(Lee, Byung-Eun) ; 최재선(Choi, Jae-Sun) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il) ; 김용균(Kim, Yong-Gyun) ; 류영식(Lyu, Young-Sik)

Probabilistic Production Cost Credit Evaluation of Wind Turbine Generators

박정제(Park, Jeong-Je) ; 오량(Wu, Liang) ; 최재석(Choi, Jae-Seok) ; 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min)

Islanding Detection Based on Complex Power at the Intertie

강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol) ; 차선희(Cha, Sun-Hee) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il) ; 강해권(Kang, Hae-Gweon) ; 김용균(Kim, Yong-Gyun) ; 박군철(Park, Goon-Cherl)

Protection for DFIG using the d-q Equivalent Circuit

강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol) ; 이지훈(Lee, Ji-Hoon) ; 강해권(Kang, Hae-Gweon) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il) ; 김용균(Kim, Yong-Gyun) ; 박군철(Park, Goon-Cherl)

A Study on the Design of Single Phase LSPM Considering the Irreversible Demagnetization of Permanent Magnet

정대성(Jung, Dae-Sung) ; 고성철(Go, Sung-Chul) ; 박현준(Park, Hyun-June) ; 권삼영(Kwon, Sam-Young) ; 이형우(Lee, Hyung-Woo) ; 이주(Lee, Ju)

The Analysis of Transverse Edge Effect of Linear Induction Motor by using Finite Element Method

이성구(Lee, Sung-Gu) ; 배재남(Bae, Jae-Nam) ; 이형우(Lee, Hyung-Woo) ; 박현준(Park, Hyun-June) ; 권삼영(Kwon, Sam-Young) ; 이주(Lee, Ju)

SF_6 Emission Characteristics at High Voltage Equipments in use-phase Stage

박정주(Park, Jung-Ju) ; 조연행(Cha, Yeun-Haeng)