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DC Voltage Build-Up Suppression Scheme of HVDC System for Offshore Wind Farm Connection using Chopper Resistor and de-loading

이형진(Lee, Hyeong-Jin) ; 강병욱(Kang, Byoung-Wook) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul)

Optimal Sizing Method of Distributed Energy Resources for a Stand-alone Microgrid by using Reliability-based Genetic Algorithm

백자현(Baek, Ja-Hyun) ; 한수경(Han, Soo-Kyung) ; 김대식(Kim, Dae-Sik) ; 한동화(Han, Dong-Hwa) ; 이한상(Lee, Hansang) ; 조수환(Cho, Soo-Hwan)

Design of Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Magnetic Saliency for Self-Sensing Position Estimation

조정현(Cho, Jeonghyun) ; 이치우(Lee, Cheewoo)

Efficiency and Vibration-optimized Design using Quasi-Newton Method of 600W Class IPMSM

이원식(Lee, Won-sik) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-tak)

Reduction of Grid Current Harmonic Distortion through a 6th Harmonic Control Method in Grid-Connected Three-Level NPC Inverters

신지욱(Sin, Jiook) ; 박영수(Bak, Yeongsu) ; 박성수(Park, Seong-Soo) ; 이교범(Lee, Kyo-Beum)

Analysis of Operating Time of Li-polymer Secondary Cell with or Without Flyback Converter Active Balancing BMS

김영필(Kim, Young-Pil) ; 최철형(Choi, Chul-Hyung) ; 고석철(Ko, Seok-Cheol) ; 김시경(Kim, Si-Kyung)

Position Controller of Rail Guided Unmanned Monitoring System with the Driving Slip Compensator

배종남(Bae, Jongnam) ; 곽윤창(Kwak, Yunchang) ; 이동희(Lee, Dong-Hee)

Stability of Time-delayed Linear Systems using an Improved Integral Inequality

김진훈(Kim, Jin-Hoon)