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A Study on Methodology for Automated Contingency and Remedial Action Analysis based on Practical Approach: Development of Automated Scheduled Outage Analysis Tool

송지영(Song, Jiyoung) ; 고백경(Ko, Baekkyung) ; 신정훈(Shin, Jeonghoon) ; 한상욱(Han, Sangwook) ; 남수철(Nam, Suchul) ; 이재걸(Lee, Jaegul) ; 김태균(Kim, Taekyun)

Analysis on System Effects of SUS Tube in Optical Fiber Composite Power Cable Systems Using EMTP

정채균(Jung, Chae-Kyun) ; 장태인(Jang, Tai-In) ; 강지원(Kang, Ji-Won)

Weekly Maximum Electric Load Forecasting Method for 104 Weeks Using Multiple Regression Models

정현우(Jung, Hyun-Woo) ; 김시연(Kim, Si-Yeon) ; 송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin)

Economic Evaluation of Offshore Wind Farm in Korea

민창기(Min, Chang-Gi) ; 허돈(Hur, Don) ; 박종근(Park, Jong Keun)

Optimal Configuration Algorithm for ESS with Renewable Energy Resources Considering Peak-shaving Effects

이나은(Lee, Na-Eun) ; 김욱원(Kim, Wook-Won) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

A Study on Application for Y-Tz Transformer Winding Method to Decrease the Current Unbalance on the Source Side

이정은(Lee, Jung-Eun) ; 송영주(Song, Young-Joo) ; 최홍규(Choi, Hong-Kyoo) ; 김태훈(Kim, Tae-Hoon) ; 김인태(Kim, In-Tae)

Development of the Integrated Power Converter for the Environmentally Friendly Vehicle and Validation of the LDC using Battery HILS

김태훈(Kim, Tae-Hoon) ; 송현식(Song, Hyun-Sik) ; 이백행(Lee, Baek-Haeng) ; 이찬송(Lee, Chan-Song) ; 권철순(Kwon, Cheol-Soon) ; 정도양(Jung, Do-Yang)

Hardware Simulator for LVRT Operation Analysis of Grid-Tied PMSG Wind Power System

이재욱(Lee, Jae-Wook) ; 김재혁(Kim, Jae-Hyuk) ; 최영도(Choi, Young-Do) ; 한병문(Han, Byung-Moon) ; 윤영두(Yoon, Young-Doo)

Humidity Sensing Properties of 90[wt%] SnO2-10[wt%] TiO2 Ceramics

유도현(You, Do-Hyun)

A Study on the Characteristics of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells with TiO2 Thickness and Sintering Temperature

이영민(Lee, Young-Min) ; 이돈규(Lee, Don-Kyu)