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IEV Korean Terms Registered in IEC Electropedia

황유모(Humor Hwang ); 김정훈( Jung-Hoon Kim ); 문봉희( Bong-Hee Moon ); 손수국( Su-Goog Shon)

A Method for Economically Determining an Interconnection Line of a Distributed Energy Resource in the Distribution Networks

홍성혁(Seong-Hyeok Hong ); 진영규( Young Gyu Jin ); 김승완 ( Seung Wan Kim)

A DC Fault Current Interruption Method of Inverter

이수형 (Soo Hyoung Lee)

A study on IEC 61850 based Centralized 22.9kV Bus Protection considering Time Synchronization Errors

송명훈(Myeong-Hoon Song ); 이남호( Nam-Ho Lee ); 남순열 ( Soon-Ryul Nam )

Design of Control Circuit of Induction Heating Power Supply for Forging Applications Using Current-Source PWM Rectifier and Inverter

최승수(Seung-Soo Choi ); 고무석( Moo-Seok Goh ); 김인동 ( In-Dong Kim )

Characteristics of Ion Wind Generation According to Application of Multistage Acceleration Electrodes in a Needle-Ring Type Structure

김철규(Chol-Gyu Kim ); 이헌경( Heon-Gyeong Lee ); 김진규 ( Jin-Gyu Kim )

A Study on the Surface Characteristics of Polymer Insulation Material for HVDC Power Equipment Depending on Accelerated Degradation Test

이헌경(Heon-Gyeong Lee ); 장경민( Kyeong-Min Jang ); 알샤마리 아흐메드 트라이힙 아( Alshammari Ahmed Traiheeb A ); 김진규( Jin-Gyu Kim )

IPT Characteristics of HCR / ATH Composites for HVDC

박재준 (Jae-Jun Park)

Detection System of Human Respiration Position using Phased Array Antenna

김찬우(Chanwoo Kim ); 박순우( Soonwoo Park ); 한희제( Heeje Han ); 배재민( Jaemin Bae ); 김홍준 ( Hongjoon Kim)