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A Study on the Design of Touch Free Eddy-Current Brake

하경호(Ha, Gyeong-Ho) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak) ; 강도현(Gang, Do-Hyeon)

A Study on 30 kVA Super-Conducting Generator Performance using Open Circuit, Short Circuit Characteristics, and Load Tests

하경덕(Ha, Gyeong-Deok) ; 황돈하(Hwang, Don-Ha) ; 박도영(Park, Do-Yeong) ; 김용주(Kim, Yong-Ju) ; 권영길(Gwon, Yeong-Gil) ; 류강식(Ryu, Gang-Sik)

Transient Characteristic Analysis of Damper in Superconducting Synchronous Generator by the Compensated 2D Analysis Model

전연도(Chun, Yon-Do) ; 이형우(Lee, Hyung-Woo) ; 이주(Lee, Ju) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jung-Pyo) ; 권영길(Kwon, Young-Kil) ; 류강식(Ryu, Kang-Sik)

Torque Characteristic Comparision of Magnetostatic Wobble Motor with Electrostatic Wobble Motor

우성봉(U, Seong-Bong) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung) ; 오영웅(O, Yeong-Ung) ; 윤서진(Yun, Seo-Jin) ; 최재영(Choe, Jae-Yeong)

Maximum Torque Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor including iron loss and saturation

백동기(Baek, Dong-Gi) ; 김민태(Kim, Min-Tae) ; 황영성(Hwang, Yeong-Seong) ; 성세진(Seong, Se-Jin)

Current Control of Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers without Phase Current Sensors

임대식(Im, Dae-Sik) ; 이동춘(Lee, Dong-Chun)