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Power Quality Monitoring Algorithm Using the Protective Relay

최인선(Choi In. S.) ; 이강석(Lee Kang. S.) ; 최면송(Choi Myeon. S.) ; 임성일(Lim Seong. I.) ; 이승재(Lee Seung. J.)

A Study on Long-Term Spatial Load Forecasting Using Trending Method

황갑주(Hwang Kab-Ju) ; 최수근(Choi Soo-Keon)

A Study on the Optimal Introduction of Step Voltage Regulator(SVR) in Distribution Feeders

이은미(Lee Eun-Mi) ; 김미영(Kim Mi-Young) ; 노대석(Rho Dae-Seok) ; 손상욱(Sohn Sang-wook) ; 김재언(Kim Jae-Eon) ; 박창호(Park Chang-Ho)

Operational Characteristics of Bridge Type SFCL Using Switching Operation of Resistive Type HTSC Element

임성훈(Lim Sung-Hun) ; 이상일(Lee Sang-Il) ; 최효상(Choi Hyo-Sang) ; 한병성(Han Byoung-Sung)

Analysis of Partial Discharge Signal Propagation Characteristics in GIS using FEM

김재철(Kim Jae-Chul) ; 이도훈(Lee Do-Hoon) ; 송승엽(Song Seung-Yeop) ; 김광화(Kim Kwang-Whoa)