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Analysis of the Three-Phase Transformer Considering the Non-Linear and Anisotropic Properties using the Transmission Line Modeling Method and FEM

임창환(Im, Chang-Hwan) ; 김홍규(Kim, Hong-Gyu) ; 이창환(Lee, Chang-Hwan) ; 정현교(Jeong, Hyeon-Gyo)

Effects of Segmented Poles on Exciting Forces for BLDC Motors

김경태(Kim, Gyeong-Tae) ; 황상문(Hwang, Sang-Mun)

Operating Properties for a Resistive SFCL of YBCO Thin Films

최효상(Choe, Hyo-Sang) ; 현옥배(Hyeon, Ok-Bae) ; 김혜림(Kim, Hye-Rim) ; 황시돌(Hwang, Si-Dol) ; 김상준(Kim, Sang-Jun) ; 문승현(Mun, Seung-Hyeon) ; 한병성(Han, Byeong-Seong)

An Improved Voltage Control Scheme for DC-Link Voltage Balancing in a Four-Level Inverter

김래영(Kim, Rae-Yeong) ; 이요한(Lee, Yo-Han) ; 최창호(Choe, Chang-Ho) ; 현동석(Hyeon, Dong-Seok)

Direct Vector Control of Induction Motor with Compensator of Stator Resistance

정종진(Jeong, Jong-Jin) ; 이득기(Lee, Deuk-Gi) ; 김흥근(Kim, Heung-Geun)

Partial State Feedback H_∞ Control of Two-Mass System

한윤석(Han, Yoon-Seok) ; 김영석(Kim, Young-Seok)

Current waveform Control of Pulse MAG Welding Power Source for High Speed Welding of Thin Plates

구헌회(Gu, Heon-Hoe) ; 김태진(Kim, Tae-Jin) ; 김준홍(Kim, Jun-Hong) ; 이현우(Lee, Hyeon-U) ; 조상명(Jo, Sang-Myeong)

Performance Analysis of UPFC by Simulation & Scaled Hardware Model

박지용(Park, Ji-Yong) ; 백승택(Baek, Seung-Taek) ; 김희종(Kim, Hui-Jong) ; 한병문(Han, Byeong-Mun) ; 한학근(Han, Hak-Geun)