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Novel Mesh Regeneration Method Using the Structural Deformation Analysis for 3D Shape Optimization of Electromagnetic Device

Yao Yingying(Yao Yingying) ; Jae Seop Ryu(Jae Seop Ryu) ; Chang Seop Koh(Chang Seop Koh) ; Dexin Xie(Dexin Xie)

Design of Magnetic Circuit of Line-start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor to Develop the Characteristics at the Steady State

오영진(Oh, Young-Jin) ; 남혁(Nam, Hyuk) ; 정승규(Jung, Seung-Kyu) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jung-Pyo) ; 정태욱(Jung, Tae-Uk) ; 백승면(Baek, Seung-Myun)

The Characteristics of Current Distribution and Electrical Insulation on High-Tc Superconducting Cable

김영석 ; 곽동순 ; 한철수 ; 김상현 ; Takataro Hamajima(Takataro Hamajima)

Performance Tests of an Induction Motor with Hexahedron HTS Bulk Bearing

임형우 ; 이광윤 ; 박명진 ; 차귀수 ; 이지광