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A Study on the Rx/Tx Switch Module with integrated Low Pass Filter

송재성(Song Jae-Sung) ; 민복기(Min Bok-Ki) ; 정순종(Jeong Soon-Jong) ; 김인성(Kim In-Sung)

A Pulse Power Supply for Metal Vapor Lasers

차병헌(Cha Byung Heon) ; 이흥호(Lee Heung Ho) ; 진정태(Jin Jeong Tae)

A Comparate Study for the PD Pattern Analysis using Different Type of Sensors Applicable to the On-line Monitoring of GIS

구자윤(Koo Ja-Yoon) ; 장용무(Chang Yong-Moo) ; 최재옥(Choi Jae-Ok) ; 연만승(Yeon Man-seung) ; 이지철(Lee Ji-Chul)

Study on the Criterion and Algorithm for On-line Dissolved Gas of a Power Transformer

권동진(Kweon Dongjin) ; 곽주식(Kwak Joosik) ; 곽희로(Kwak Heero) ; 김재철(Kim Jaechul) ; 진상범(Chin Sunbm)

Plasma Density Measurement of the Hg-Ar(1Torr) by LIF Method

이종찬(Lee Jong-Chan) ; 박대희(Park Dae-Hee) ; 양종경(Yang Jong-Kyung)

Establishment of Equivalent Circuit Model about Planar-type Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources

이종규(Lee Jong-Kyu) ; 권득철(Kwon Deuk-Chul) ; 유동훈(Yu Dong-Hun) ; 윤남식(Yoon Nam-Sik)

Disposable Microchip-Based Electrochemical Detector Using Polydimethylsiloxane Channel and Indium Tin Oxide Electrode

이인제(Yi In-Je) ; 강치중(Kang Chi-Jung) ; 김용상(Kim Yong-Sang) ; 김주호(Kim Ju-Ho)

A Fabrication of IR CO_2 Sensor based on the MEMS and Characteristic Evaluation

김신근(Kim Shin-Keun) ; 한용희(Han Yong-Hee) ; 문성욱(Moon Sung-Wook)