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State Feedback Stabilization of Network Based Control Systems with Time-varying Delay

정의현(Jung Eui-Heon) ; 서영수(Shu Young-Su) ; 이홍희(Lee Hong-Hee)

Design of a Static Output Feedback Stabilization Controller by Solving a Rank-constrained LMI Problem

김석주(Kim Seogj-Joo) ; 권순만(Kwon Soonman) ; 김춘경(Kim Chung-Kyung) ; 문영현(Moon Young-Hyun)

A Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Maximum Power Extraction of Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System

김재곤(Kim Jae-gon) ; 허욱열(Huh Uk-youl) ; 김병륜(Kim Byung-yoon)

The Research for Passive IMD of Gas Tube Arrester

한진욱(Han Jin-Wook) ; 고홍남(Go Hong-Nam) ; 곽진교(Kwak Jin-Kyo) ; 신동주(Shin Dong-Ju)

A Study on the Detection of the Ventricular Fibrillation based on Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network

송미혜(Song Mi-Hye) ; 박호동(Park Ho-Dong) ; 이경중(Lee Kyoung-Joung) ; 박광리(Park Kwang-Li)

Wavelet Compression Method with Minimum Delay for Mobile Tele-cardiology Applications

김병수(Kim Byoung-Soo) ; 유선국(Yoo Sun-Kook) ; 이문형(Lee Moon-Hyoung)