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Depth Control of Underwater Flight Vehicle Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller and Neural Network Interpolator

김현식(Kim, Hyun-Sik) ; 박진현(Park, Jin-Hyun) ; 최영규(Choi, Young-Kiu)

Identification of Time-varying Parameters of Bilinear Systems via Extended Block Pulse Operational Matrices

김태훈(Kim, Tai-Hoon) ; 김진태(Kim, Jin-Tae) ; 이승(Lee, Seung) ; 이명규(Lee, Myoung-Kyu) ; 안두수(Ahn, Doo-Soo)

A Laser Doppler Vibrometer Featured with the In-housed Mechanism for Adaptive Compensation of Body Vibration

이재식(Lee, Jae-Sik) ; 장태규(Chang, Tae-Gyu) ; 김재화(Kim, Jae-Hwa) ; 김호성(Kim, Ho-Seong) ; 강민식(Kang, Min-Sig)

A Pilot Symbol Based Coherent QAM Decoder for a Wireless Channel

김한일(Kim, Han-Il) ; 한재충(Han, Jae-Choong)