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Dynamic Performance Comparison of Various Combination of Reactive Power Compensators

장길수(Jang Gilsoo) ; 이병준(Lee Byongjun) ; 권세혁(Kwon Sae-hyuk) ; 강상균(Kang Sanggyun)

Analysis of the Harmonic Resonance in Primary Restorative Transmission Systems Using EMTDC

이경섭(Lee K.S.) ; 박성민(Park S.M.) ; 송인준(Song I.J.) ; 이남호(Lee N.H.) ; 배주천(Bai J.C.) ; 황봉환(Whang B.W.) ; 이흥재(Lee H.J.)

An Improved Investment Priority Decision Mettled for the Electrical Facilities Considering the Reliability of Distribution Networks

박창호(Park Chang-Ho) ; 채우규(Chae Woo-Kyu) ; 장성일(Jang Sung-Il) ; 김광호(Kim Kwang-Ho) ; 김재철(Kim Jae-Chul) ; 박종근(Park Jong-Keun) ; 최정환(Choi Jung-Hwan)

Evaluation of ATC in Haenam-Cheju HVDC System Using Cost Calculation

손현일(Son Hyun-Il) ; 이효상(Lee Hyo-Sang) ; 신동준(Shin Dong-Joon) ; 김진오(Kim Jin-O)