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Effect of Tooth Shape and Unbalanced M.M.F on Static Thrust Force Characteristics of Linear Pulse Motor

이동주(Lee, Dong-Ju) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung) ; 김성헌(Kim, Seong-Heon) ; 김성종(Kim, Seong-Jong)

Optimal Arrangement Method of Permanent Magnets for Reduction of Detent Force of a Linear Synchronous Motor

정인성(Jung, In-Soung) ; 허진(Hur, Jin) ; 현동석(Hyun, Dong-Seok)

A Study on the Design of PM Exited Transverse Flux Linear Motor for Ropeless Elevator

강도현(Gang, Do-Hyeon) ; 방덕제(Bang, Deok-Je) ; 김종무(Kim, Jong-Mu) ; 정연호(Jeong, Yeon-Ho) ; 김문환(Kim, Mun-Hwan)

A Study on the Dielectric Strength in Section of Winding in SF6 Gas Transformer

허우행(Heo, U-Haeng) ; 하영식(Ha, Yeong-Sik) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

Development of the Synchronous Motors for Electric Vehicle and Improvement of the Performance by Hybrid Finite Element and Boundary Element Method

전우진(Jeon, Woo-Jin) ; Watanabe, Hideki(Watanabe, Hideki) ; Kamiya, Yushi(Kamiya, Yushi) ; Onuki, Takashi(Onuki, Takashi) ; 전혜정(Jeon, Hye-Jeong)

Design and Dynamic Analysis of Air-core Coil type Linear DC Motor

강규홍(Gang, Gyu-Hong) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak) ; 하근수(Ha, Geun-Su) ; 정중기(Jeong, Jung-Gi) ; 임태빈(Im, Tae-Bin)

The Analysis of Arc-Flow Interaction in the GCB using the Modified FLIC Method and the Arc Model

신승록(Sin, Seung-Rok) ; 김홍규(Kim, Hong-Gyu) ; 정현교(Jeong, Hyeon-Gyo)

Dynamic Characteristics of Moving Coil Type Linear Oscillatory Actuator

장석명(Jang, S.M.) ; 정상섭(Jeong, S.S.) ; 권철(Kweon, C.) ; 박희창(Park, H.C.) ; 문석준(Moon, S.J.) ; 박찬일(Park, C.I.) ; 정태영(Chung, T.Y.)

New ZVZCS PWM DC-DC Converters with One Auxiliary Swithch

류승희(Ryu, Seung-Hui) ; 이동윤(Lee, Dong-Yun) ; 유상봉(Yu, Sang-Bong) ; 현동석(Hyeon, Dong-Seok)

Study of Maximum Torque Operation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Constant Torque Region

김장목(Kim, Jang-Mok) ; 김수열(Kim, Su-Yeol) ; 류호선(Ryu, Ho-Seon) ; 임익훈(Im, Ik-Hun)