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Blue Electroluminescent Properties of ZnS:Cu and Dependence of Dye Addition

이종찬(Lee, Jong-Chan) ; 박대희(Park, Dae-Hui)

Decision of Optimal Magnetic Field Shielding Location around Power System Using Evolution Strategy Algorithm

최세용(Choe, Se-Yong) ; 나완수(Na, Wan-Su) ; 김동훈(Kim, Dong-Hun) ; 김동수(Kim, Dong-Su) ; 이준호(Lee, Jun-Ho) ; 박일한(Park, Il-Han) ; 신명철(Sin, Myeong-Cheol) ; 김병성(Kim, Byeong-Seong)

Electrical and NO Conversion Characteristics of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Process

이용환(Lee, Yong-Hwan) ; 정재우(Jeong, Jae-U) ; 조무현(Jo, Mu-Hyeon)

A study on the Application of a Monitoring System for Gas Insulaterd Switchgear

김정배(Kim, Jeong-Bae) ; 김민수(Kim, Min-Su) ; 송원표(Song, Won-Pyo) ; 김덕수(Kim, Deok-Su) ; 전찬석(Jeon, Chan-Seok) ; 길경석(Gil, Gyeong-Seok)

The Measurement and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Light Emitted from Plasma Disp1ay Panel by Optica1 Method

최훈영(Choe, Hun-Yeong) ; 이석현(Lee, Seok-Hyeon) ; 이승걸(Lee, Seung-Geol)

A Analysis on the Accumulation Characteristics of Salt Contaminants for Outdoor Insulators with Statistical Treatment

최남호(Choe, Nam-Ho) ; 박강식(Park, Gang-Sik) ; 한상옥(Han, Sang-Ok)

Real time Image Processor for Reproduction of Gray Levels in Dark Areas on Plasma Display Panel (PDP)

이창훈(Lee, Chang-Hun) ; 박승호(Park, Seung-Ho) ; 강진구(Gang, Jin-Gu) ; 김춘우(Kim, Chun-U)