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Improvement of the Power Flow Convergency Using Switched Shunt Reactive Power Sensitivity

오성균(Oh, Sung-Kyun) ; 양민욱(Yang, Min-Yuk) ; 김건중(Kim, Kern-Joong)

Analysis of THD according to Output Power Fluctuation of Photovoltaic Generation System using Real Time Simulator

안희진(An, Hee-Jin) ; 서훈철(Seo, Hun-Chul) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan)

Review on tolerance factors for 1E UVR setting at NPPs

문수철(Moon, Su-Cheol) ; 김건중(Kim, Kern-Joong)

A Fault Location Algorithm Using Adaptively Estimated Local Source Impedance for a Double-Circuit Transmission Line System

박건호(Park, Gun-Ho) ; 강상희(Kang, Sang-Hee) ; 김석일(Kim, Sok-Il) ; 신종한(Shin, Jonathan H.)

A Study on the Influence of Mutual Inductance between Wayside Transmitter and On-board Receiver upon Frequency Response in ATS Device

김민석(Kim, Min-Seok) ; 김민규(Kim, Min-Kyu) ; 이종우(Lee, Jong-Woo)

Comparative Analysis of Charging Modes of Series Resonant Converter for an Energy Storage Capacitor

이병하(Lee, Byung-Ha) ; 강태섭(Kang, Tae-Sub) ; 차한주(Cha, Han-Ju)

A Study on the Development of the High-frequency Power Generating System by Digital Control

김동희(Kim, Geum-Soo) ; 김금수(Kim, Dong-Hee) ; 문종현(Moon, Jong-Hyun)

A Study on the Electrical Characteristics of Photovoltaic Module Depending on Micro-Crack Patterns of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

송영훈(Song, Young-Hun) ; 강기환(Kang, Gi-Hwan) ; 유권종(Yu, Gwon-Jong) ; 안형근(Ahn, Hyung-Gun) ; 한득영(Han, Deuk-Young)

Design and Implementation of Fluid Flow Generation System by using Water Captures

손영대(Son, Young-Dae) ; 정현석(Jung, Hyun-Seok)