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Development of Dynamic Models for DFIG Wind Farms and HVDC in Jeju Power System Using PSS/E

남순열(Nam, Soon-Ryul) ; 강상희(Kang, Sang-Hee) ; 남해곤(Nam, Hae-Kon) ; 최준호(Choi, Joon-Ho)

Simulation Analysis of a Renewable Energy Based Microgrid using RTDS

허세림(Heo, Se-Rim) ; 김경훈(Kim, Gyeong-Hun) ; 이효근(Lee, Hyo-Guen) ; 황철상(Hwang, Chul-Sang) ; 박민원(Park, Min-Won) ; 유인근(Yu, In-Keun) ; 박정도(Park, Jung-Do) ; 이동영(Yi, Dong-Young) ; 이상진(Lee, Sang-Jin)

The Effect of HVDC#3 on Jeju Power System

박정수(Park, Jung-Soo) ; 정홍주(Jung, Hong-Ju) ; 한영성(Han, Young-Seong) ; 김래영(Kim, Rae-Young) ; 정정주(Chung, Chung-Choo)

Calculation of Seasonal Demand Side Management Quantity Using Time Series

이종욱(Lee, Jong-Uk) ; 위영민(Wi, Young-Min) ; 이재희(Lee, Jae-Hee) ; 주성관(Joo, Sung-Kwan)

Voltage Control of ULTC and Distributed Generations in Distribution System

전재근(Jeon, Jae-Geun) ; 원동준(Won, Dong-Jun) ; 김태현(Kim, Tae-Hyun)

Development of Short-Term Load Forecasting Method by Analysis of Load Characteristics during Chuseok Holiday

권오성(Kwon, Oh-Sung) ; 송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin)

Development of Demand Response Operation System for Load Aggregators

김지희(Kim, Ji-Hui) ; 문국현(Moon, Guk-Hyun) ; 주성관(Joo, Sung-Kwan) ; 오재철(Oh, Jae-Cheol)

Characteristics Analysis of Induction Generator with a Change in Rotor Speed

김종겸(Kim, Jong-Gyeum) ; 박영진(Park, Young-Jeen) ; 김일중(Kim, Il-Jung) ; 김영국(Kim, Young-Kuk)

Analysis of Electromagnetic Vibration Sources in 100kW Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for Ship Anti-heeling Pump Considering Eccentricity

이선권(Lee, Sun-Kwon) ; 강규홍(Kang, Gyu-Hong) ; 허진(Hur, Jin)

Analysis on the Levitation Force Characteristics of Longitudinal Flux Type Levitation Magnet using Equivalent Magnetic Circuit Model

조한욱(Cho, Han-Wook) ; 김창현(Kim, Chang-Hyun) ; 이종민(Lee, Jong-Min) ; 한형석(Han, Hyung-Suk)