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Estimation of Fault Location on a Transmission Line via Time-Frequency Domain Reflectometry

최덕선(Choe TokSon) ; 곽기석(Kwak Ki-Seok) ; 윤태성(Yoon Tae Sung) ; 박진배(Park Jin Bae)

Sonar Map Construction for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Data Association Filter

이유철(Lee Yu-Chul) ; 임종환(Lim Jong-Hwan) ; 조동우(Cho Dong-Woo)

Post-Failure Walking of Quadruped Robots on a Rough Planar Terrain

양정민(Yang Jung-Min) ; 박용국(Park Yong Kuk)

A Dual Radiation Monitoring System Ror Robot Working in High Radiation Field

이남호(Lee Nam-Ho) ; 조재완(Cho Jai-Wan) ; 김승호(Kim Seung-Ho)

Nuclear Reactor Modeling in Load Following Operations for Korea Next Generation PWR with Neural Network

이상경(Lee Sang-Kyung) ; 장진욱(Jang Jin-Wook) ; 성승환(Seong Seung-Hwan) ; 이은철(Lee Un-Chul)

A Design Method for Third-Band FIR Filters of Equi-Ripple Passband

문동욱(Moon Dong-Wook) ; 김낙교(Kim Lark-Kyo)

Facial Region Tracking by Utilizing Infra-Red and CCD Color Image

김경섭(Kim K. S.) ; 이정환(Lee J. W.) ; 윤태호(Yoon T. H.) ; 한명희(Han M. H.) ; 신승완(Shin S. W.) ; 김인영(Kim I. Y.) ; 송철규(Song C. G.)