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The Stable Position Control of Hybrid type Linear Pulse Motor by Digital PI Control

윤신용(Youn, Shin-Yong) ; 백수현(Baek, Soo-Hyun) ; 김용(Kim, Yong) ; 김철진(Kim, Cherl-Jin) ; 맹인재(Maeng, In-Jae)

Performance Variation with Switching Position of 2-Phase BLDC Motor

장홍순(Chang, Hong-Soon) ; 백수현(Baek, Soo-Hyeon) ; 정중기(Chung, Jung-Ki) ; 류세현(Rhyu, Se-Hyun)

Finite Element Analysis of a Inner-Rotor Type BLDC Motor without Rotor Core

장홍순(Chang, Hong-Soon) ; 정인성(Jung, In-Soung) ; 백수현(Baek, Soo-Hyeon)

Optimal Shape Deign of a High Speed Switched Reluctance Motor Vsing Fuzzy Set Theory

최창환(Choi, Chang-Hwan) ; 유재선(Yoo, Jae-Sun) ; 박기환(Park, Kyi-Hwan)

HVDC Stability Analysis According to Controller Types

김찬기(Kim, Chan-Ki) ; 심응보(Shim, E.B.) ; 정길조(Jeong, G.J.) ; 권동진(Kwon, D.J.) ; 윤용범(Yoon, Y.B.)

The Implementation of the Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor Using Matlab/Simulink and dSpace board

김배선(Kim, Bae-Sun) ; 한우용(Han, Woo-Yong) ; 이창구(Lee, Chang-Goo)

An Improvement on low Speed Operation Performances of DTC for 3-level Inverter-fed Induction Motors

이교범(Lee, Kyo-Beum) ; 송중호(Song, Joong-Ho) ; 최익(Choy, Ick) ; 김광배(Kim, Kwang-Bae) ; 유지윤(Yoo, Ji-Yoon)

Tension Control Using On-Line Compensation of Friction Loss for Continuous Strip Processing Line

이정욱(Lee, Jeong-Uk) ; 최창호(Choi, Chang-Ho) ; 현동석(Hyun, Dong-Seuk)