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Short-term Electric Load Forecasting in Winter and Summer Seasons using a NARX Neural Network

정희명(Jeong, Hee-Myung) ; 박준호(Park, June Ho)

A Study on the Safety Evaluation of the Transformer for the Public Rental Apartments Considering the Increase of EVs

최지훈(Choi, Jihun) ; 김성열(Kim, Sung-Yul) ; 이주(Lee, Ju)

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Digital Flickermeter Algorithm According to IEC61000-4-15 Edition 2 for Korean Distribution Power System

신훈철(Shin, Hoon-Chul) ; 한수경(Han, Su-Kyoung) ; 박상호(Park, Sang-Ho) ; 김건중(Kim, Kern-Joong) ; 조수환(Cho, Soo-Hwan)

Characteristics and Determinants of Household Electricity Consumption for Different Levels of Electricity Use in Korea

김용래(Kim, Yong-Rae) ; 김민정(Kim, Min-Jeong)

Economic Evaluation Algorithm of Island Micro-grid for Utility and Independent Power Producer

남양현(Nam, Yang-Hyum) ; 이후동(Lee, Hoo-Dong) ; 김유림(Kim, Yu-Rim) ; 마리토(Marito, Ferrira) ; 김미영(Kim, Mi-Young) ; 노대석(Rho, Dae-Seok)

Application of Conservation Voltage Reduction using Automatic Voltage Regulator of Linear Voltage Control in Campus Microgrid with Power Consumption Reduction

임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 이명환(Lee, Myung-Hwan) ; 신용학(Shin, Yong-Hark)

The Estimation of Torque Ripple According to Parameters Considered Time-varying in Voltage Equation

김규화(Gim, Gyu-Hwa) ; 조규원(Cho, Gyu-Won) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

The Design of Iron Loss Minimization of 600W IPMSM by Quasi-newton Method

백성민(Baek, Sung-min) ; 조규원(Cho, Gyu-won) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-tak)

A Study of Power Conversion System for Energy Harvester Using a Piezoelectric Materials

안현성(An, Hyunsung) ; 김영철(Kim, Young-Cheol) ; 차한주(Cha, Hanju)

Effect of Initial Volume of Hard Water and Contact Time on the Reduction of Calcium Ion Concentration using High Voltage Impulse Technique

조승연(Cho, Seung-Yeon) ; 김태희(Kim, Tae-Hui) ; 장인성(Chang, In-Soung) ; 홍웅기(Hong, Woong-ki) ; 이준호(Lee, June-Ho)