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The Design of Loop-shaping Two-degree-of-freedom H_∞ Digital Controller for Sampled-data System

이상철(Lee, Sang-Cheol) ; 박종우(Park, Jong-U) ; 조도현(Jo, Do-Hyeon) ; 이종용(Lee, Jong-Yong) ; 이상효(Lee, Sang-Hyo)

Optimization of Redundancy by using Genetic Algorithm for Reliability of Plant Protection Controller

유동완(Yu, Dong-Wan) ; 김동훈(Kim, Dong-Hun) ; 박희윤(Park, Hui-Yun) ; 구인수(Gu, In-Su) ; 서보혁(Seo, Bo-Hyeok)

Alarm Diagnosis of RCP Monitoring System using Self Dynamic Neural Networks

유동완(Yu, Dong-Wan) ; 김동훈(Kim, Dong-Hun) ; 성승환(Seong, Seung-Hwan) ; 구인수(Gu, In-Su) ; 박성욱(Park, Seong-Uk) ; 서보혁(Seo, Bo-Hyeok)

Integral Sliding Mode Controller for Magnetically Suspended Balance Beam: Theory and Experimental Evaluation

이준호(Lee, Jun-Ho) ; 이정석(Lee, Jeong-Seok) ; 박영수(Park, Yeong-Su) ; 이재훈(Lee, Jae-Hun) ; 이기서(Lee, Gi-Seo)

A Study on New Map Construction and Path Planning Method for Mobile Robot Navigation

오준섭(O, Jun-Seop) ; 박진배(Park, Jin-Bae) ; 최윤호(Choe, Yun-Ho)

Simulator Development for Power Line Communication Channel

박종연(Park, Jong-Yeon) ; 정동열(Jeong, Dong-Yeol)