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A Study on a Shielding Effect of the Messenger Wires in Distribution Lines

김인수(Kim, In-Soo) ; 한웅(Han, Woong) ; 여상민(Yeo, Sang-Min) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 원봉주(Weon, Bong-Ju) ; 임용훈(Lim, Yong-Hun)

A Study on The Available Transfer Capability(ATC) with Transient Stability Constraints

김양일(Kim, Yang-Il) ; 정성원(Jeong, Sung-Won) ; 김재현(Gim, Jae-Hyeon)

An Analysis of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Operation According to Asymmetry Fault Current

이상봉(Rhee, Sang-Bong) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 김규호(Kim, Kyu-Ho) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 현옥배(Hyun, Ok-Bae)

Bid-based Direct Load Control Framework Under Electricity Markets

이호철(Lee, Ho-Chul) ; 송성환(Song, Sung-Hwan) ; 윤용태(Yoon, Yong-Tae)

A Study of the Long-term Fuel Mix with the Introduction of Renewable Portfolio Standard

이정인(Lee, Jeong-In) ; 한석만(Han, Seok-Man) ; 김발호(Kim, Bal-Ho H.)

Assessment of Power Retail Cost by Penetration scenarios of Decentralized Generation in Korean Power System

김용하(Kim, Yong-Ha) ; 우성민(Woo, Sung-Min) ; 오석현(Oh, Seok-Hyun) ; 유정희(You, Jeong-Hee)

A Study on Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation of Power System Considering Solar Cell Generators

박정제(Park, Jeong-Je) ; 오량(Liang, Wu) ; 최재석(Choi, Jae-Seok) ; 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min)

Study on the Characteristic of Ld, LQ Parameter for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in different barrier width

장익상(Jang, Ik-Sang) ; 김승주(Kim, Seung-Joo) ; 진창성(Jin, Chang-Sung) ; 김기찬(Kim, Ki-Chan) ; 이주(Lee, Ju)