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Design and Analysis of Load Shedding for the Electric Propulsion System

김경화(Kim, Kyung-Hwa) ; 김대헌(Kim, Dae-Heon) ; 이석현(Lee, Seok-Hyun)

A Study on the Frequency Bias Setting of the AGC based on Frequency Response in Korea

강보람(Kang, Bo-Ram) ; 권한나(Kwon, Han-Na) ; 국경수(Kook, Kyung-Soo)

Optimal Design of Power Grid and Location of Offshore Substation for Offshore Wind Power Plant

문원식(Moon, Won-Sik) ; 원종남(Won, Jong-Nam) ; 허재선(Huh, Jae-Sun) ; 조아라(Jo, Ara) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul)

Application of Energy Storage System for Industrial Customer

홍종석(Hong, Jong-seok) ; 채희석(Chai, Hui-seok) ; 강병욱(Kang, Byoung-wook) ; 김태형(Kim, Tae-hyeong) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-chul)

A Study on the Development of 34kW class Cryogenic Induction Motor using LNG Pump

이기욱(Lee, Ki-Wook) ; 정동욱(Jeong, Dong-Wook) ; 박관수(Park, Gwan-Soo)

DC offset Compensation Algorithm with Fast Response to the Grid Voltage in Single-phase Grid-connected Inverter

한동엽(Han, Dong Yeob) ; 박진혁(Park, Jin-Hyuk) ; 이교범(Lee, Kyo-Beum)

The Performance Evaluation Analysis of PV System for Arch and Flat-Plate Type

Zheng-GuoPiao(Piao, Zheng-Guo) ; 최연옥(Choi, Youn-Ok)

Prevention of the Malfunction of the ATS Signaling System by Parallel Operation with ATC

정락교(Jeong, Rag-Gyo) ; 김백현(Kim, Baek-Hyun) ; 강석원(Kang, Seok-Won) ; 박건원(Park, Geon-Won)

Implementation of the Simulator for Evaluating a Long-range Laser Range Finder and a Laser Target Designator

이영주(Lee, Young-Ju) ; 김용평(Kim, Yong-Pyung)

Heat Source Identification Technique of Aircraft and Flare using 2-color Detectable Infrared Sensors

이동시(Lee, Dong-Si) ; 이기근(Lee, Kee-Keun)