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The Study on Dielectric Property and Thermal Stability of Ta_2O_{5} Thin-films

김인성(Kim, In-Seong) ; 이동윤(Lee, Dong-Yun) ; 송재성(Song, Jae-Seong) ; 윤무수(Yun, Mu-Su) ; 박정후(Park, Jeong-Hu)

Effects of Various Facility Factors on CMP Process Defects

박성우(Park, Seong-U) ; 정소영(Jeong, So-Yeong) ; 박창준(Park, Chang-Jun) ; 이경진(Lee, Gyeong-Jin) ; 김기욱(Kim, Gi-Uk) ; 서용진(Seo, Yong-Jin)

Trench Shorted Anode LIGBT on 501 Substrates

최승필(Choe, Seung-Pil) ; 하민우(Ha, Min-U) ; 한민구(Han, Min-Gu) ; 최연익(Choe, Yeon-Ik)

Chracteristics of Partial Discharge Patterns Subjected to Different Defects at the Epoxy/Rubber Interface

김동욱(Kim, Dong-Uk) ; 김정년(Kim, Jeong-Nyeon) ; 백주흠(Baek, Ju-Heum)

Characteristics of Ceramic Coupler for On-line Partial Discharge Measurement in High Voltage Rotating Machines

강동식(Gang, Dong-Sik) ; 윤대희(Yun, Dae-Hui) ; 김용주(Kim, Yong-Ju) ; 이홍식(Lee, Hong-Sik) ; 윤영호(Yun, Yeong-Ho) ; 박정후(Park, Jeong-Hu)

A Study on the Partial Discharge Phase Properties with Branch Type Eleotrical Tree Growth in XLPE Cable Insulation

강동식(Gang, Dong-Sik) ; 선종호(Seon, Jong-Ho) ; 김위영(Kim, Wi-Yeong) ; 이홍식(Lee, Hong-Sik) ; 박정후(Park, Jeong-Hu)

Image Signal Transfer Method in Artificial Retina using Laser

윤일용(Yun, Il-Yong) ; 이병호(Lee, Byeong-Ho) ; 김성준(Kim, Seong-Jun)