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Development of One Day-Ahead Renewable Energy Generation Assessment System in South Korea

이연찬(Lee, Yeon-Chan) ; 임진택(Lim, Jin-Taek) ; 오웅진(Oh, Ung-Jin) ; N.Do, Duy-Phuong(N.Do, Duy-Phuong) ; 최재석(Choi, Jae-Seok) ; 김진수(Kim, Jin-Su)

Standardization of IEC Terminologies Based on a Matrix Classification System

황유모(Hwang, Humor) ; 김정훈(Kim, Jung-Hoon) ; 문봉희(Moon, Bong-Hee)

Operation method of Voltage Compensation Devices for power system stability

안창한(Ahn, Chang-Han) ; 백영식(Baek, Young-Sik)

A Study on the Methodology of Determining Proper SOC Operation Range Considering the Economic Characteristics and the Charge and Discharge Voltage Characteristics of BESS

윤대식(Yoon, Dae-Sik) ; 추대혁(Choo, Dae-Hyeok) ; 기병국(Ki, Byung-Kook) ; 김준석(Kim, Joohn-Sheok) ; 이병하(Lee, Byung Ha) ; 채우규(Chae, Woo-Ku)

Design and Characteristic Analysis of Linear Oscillating Actuator with Structure

김해중(Kim, Hae-Joong) ; 이충성(Lee, Choong-Sung) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jung-Pyo)

Torque Analysis of Magnetic Spur Gear with Radial Magnetized Permanent Magnets based on Analytical Method

민경철(Min, Kyoung-Chul) ; 최장영(Choi, Jang-Young) ; 성소영(Sung, So-Young) ; 박종원(Park, Jong-Won)

Design and Control Method of Full-bridge DC-DC Converter for Electrolyzer

이병섭(Lee, Byoung-Seoup) ; 윤태민(Yoon, Tae-Min) ; 김종훈(Kim, Jong-Hoon) ; 이교범(Lee, Kyo-Beum)

A study on Ar/CF4 Magnetized Inductively Coupled Plasma Using Fluid Simulation

김윤기(Kim, Yun-Gi) ; 손의정(Son, Eui-Jeong) ; 위성석(Wi, Sung-Suk) ; 김동현(Kim, Dong-Hyun) ; 이호준(Lee, Ho-Jun)

Characterization of Linear Microwave Plasma using the Fluid Simulation

서권상(Seo, Kwon-Sang) ; 한문기(Han, Moon-Ki) ; 김동현(Kim, Dong-Hyun) ; 이호준(Lee, Ho-Jun)