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A Study on the Application of the Recursive Least Square Method for Estimating Harmonic Load Model

박종일(Jong-Il Park) ; 박창현(Chang-Hyun Park)

Electricity Demand Forecasting Algorithm Development Based on the Gradient Boosting Machine by Selecting the Optimal Combination of Weather Data and Stations

김수연(Sooyeon Kim) ; 손명수(Myeongsu Son) ; 권구덕(Kuduck Kwon) ; 이두희(Duehee Lee)

A Study on Virtual Flux Estimation Scheme with Dead Time and Inductive Voltage Drop Compensation for Electrical Load Test System

박일우(Il-Woo Park) ; 김태규(Tae-Kyu Kim) ; 안호균(Gyun-Ho Ahn) ; 박승규(Seung-Kyu Park)

A Study on the Open-Phase Current Fault Diagnosis of Motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle

이상훈(Sang-Hun Lee)

Development of Sodium and Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes Based on Laser Induced Graphene

최재성(Jaesung Choi) ; 한지훈(Ji-hoon Han) ; 김태헌(Taeheon Kim) ; 박정호(James Jungho Pak)

A Study on Prediction of Passenger's Injury Grade Using Public Traffic Accident Database and Machine Learning

이용범(Yongbeom Lee) ; 조은기(Eungi Cho) ; 윤창용(Changyong Yoon) ; 박성근(Seongkeun Park)3

Internet-Based Line-up Formation Control of Collective Intelligent Traffic Cones

이현선(Hyun-Sun Lee) ; 정슬(Seul Jung)

A Basic Study on Realtime Estimating Respiration of Ballistocardiogram in Non-Invasive Way Using Finite Impulse Response Filter

민지홍(Ji-Hong Min) ; 이재원(Jae-Won Lee) ; 김경호(Kyung-Ho Kim)

Distribution System Dynamic State Estimation via Mathematical Model Based Approach

박찬은(Chan-eun Park) ; 박인석(In Seok Park) ; 박부견(PooGyeon Park)