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Development of a Ratio Calibration Bridge for Inductive Voltage Dividers

강전홍(Kang Jeon Hong) ; 한상옥(Han Sang Ok) ; 김한준(Kim Han Jun)

A Study on the Reduction of Cogging Torque of Outer-Rotor Type BLDC Motor for Washing Machines

김재민(Kim Jae-Min) ; 장철혁(Chang Cheul-Hyeok) ; 정태경(Chung Tae-Kyung)

Fault Diagnosis and Neutral Point Voltage Control Under the Switch Fault in NPC 3-Level Voltage Source Inverter

김태진(Kim Tae-Jin) ; 강대욱(Kang Dae-Wook) ; 현동석(Hyun Dong-Seok) ; 손호인(Son Ho-In)

New Configuration of 36-pulse Voltage Source Converter Using Pulse-Interleaving Auxiliary Circuit

전영수(Jon Young-Soo) ; 백승택(Baek Seung-Taek) ; 한병문(Han Byung-Moon)

An Improvement of Voltage Disturbances for Fuel Cell Systems

문현욱(Moon Hyun-Wook) ; 정은진(Jeong Eun-Jin) ; 김윤호(Kim Yoon-Ho)

The Study on the Composition of the Encoder for Driving the High Speed Spindle Motor

최철(Choi Cheol) ; 김철우(Kim Cheol-U) ; 이상훈(Lee Sang-Hun)