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Structural and Electrical Properties of Vanadium Oxide Thin Films Annealed in Vacuum

최복길(Choi Bok-Gil) ; 최창규(Choi Chang-Kyu) ; 권광호(Kwon Kwang-Ho) ; 김성진(Kim Sung-Jin)

A Study on Electrical·Optical Properties of Organic Light Emitting Diode by Oxygen Plasma Surface Treatment of Indium-Tin-Oxide Substrates

양기성(Yang Ki-Sung) ; 김병상(Kim Byoung-Sang) ; 김두석(Kim Doo-Seok) ; 신훈규(Shin Hoon-Kyu) ; 권영수(Kwon Young-Soo)

The Structural and Dielectric Properties of the PZT/BST Heterolayered Thin Films with RF Power

이상철(Lee Sang-Chul) ; 남성필(Nam Sung-Pil) ; 이성갑(Lee Sung-Gap) ; 이영희(Lee Young-Hie)

A Dual Gate AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor with High Breakdown Voltages

하민우(Ha Min-Woo) ; 이승철(Lee Seung-Chul) ; 허진철(Her Jin-Cherl) ; 서광석(Seo Kwang-Seok) ; 한민구(Han Min-Koo)

Characteristics of ZnO Arrester Blocks Leakage Currents under Mixed Direct and 60 Hz Alternating Voltages

이복희(Lee Bok-Hee) ; 강성만(Kang Sung-Man) ; 박건영(Pak Keon-Young)

Depleted Optical Thyristor using Vertical-Injection Structure for High Isolation Between Input and Output

최운경(Choi Woon-Kyung) ; 김두근(Kim Doo-Gun) ; 문년태(Moon Yon-Tae) ; 김도균(Kim Do-Gyun) ; 최영완(Choi Young-Wan)

A Study on the Characteristic of Variable Impedance Line using DGS

김영주(Kim Young-Ju) ; 정명섭(Joung Myoung-Sub) ; 박준석(Park Jun-Seok) ; 조홍구(Cho Hong-Goo)

A Fast Computation Method of Power Ground Plane Impedance using the Mobius Transform

서영석(Suh Youngsuk) ; 김인성(Kim In-Sung) ; 송재성(Song Jae-Sung) ; 엄태수(Eum Tae-Su)