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A Study on Generator Maintenance Scheduling Considering Renewable Energy Generators

이연찬(Yeonchan Lee) ; 오웅진(Ungjin Oh) ; 최재석(Jaeseok Choi) ; 정명훈(Myeunghoon Jung)

Determining the Reference Voltage of 345 kV Transmission System Considering Economic Dispatch of Reactive Power

황인규(In-Kyu Hwang) ; 진영규(Young-Gyu Jin) ; 윤용태(Yong-Tae Yoon) ; 추진부(Jin-Boo Choo)

Comparison of Compensation Rules for Fast Responding Resources Providing Frequency Regulation Service in Domestic and North American ISO/RTO Power Electricity Market

박대현(Dae-Hyun Park) ; 박용기(Yong-Gi Park) ; 박종배(Jong-Bae Park) ; 김발호(Balho H. Kim) ; 노재형(Jae-Hyung Roh)

New Three-Phase Static Transfer Switch using AC SSCB

송승민(Seung-Min Song) ; 김진영(Jin-Young Kim) ; 김인동(In-Dong Kim)

Identification of Motor Parameters and Improvement of Voltage Error for Improvement of Back-emf Estimation in Sensorless Control of Low Speed Operation

김경훈(Kyung-Hoon Kim) ; 윤철(Chul Yun) ; 조내수(Nae-Soo Cho) ; 장민호(Min-Ho Jang) ; 권우현(Woo-Hyen Kwon)

Design of Fuse-Link Structure & Fe-Ni Alloy Element's Shape to Increase an Interrupt Rating of a Semi-Enclosed Type Fuse

김성주(Seong-Ju Kim) ; 김도훈(Doe-Hoon Kim) ; 강창룡(Chang-Yong Kang)

High Throughput Parallel KMP Algorithm Considering CPU-GPU Memory Hierarchy

박소은(Soeun Park) ; 김대희(Daehee Kim) ; 이명호(Myungho Lee) ; 박능수(Neungsoo Park)

A Combined CPG and GA Based Adaptive Humanoid Walking for Rolling Terrains

경덕환(Deokhwan Kyeong) ; 서기성(Kisung Seo)