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A Study of Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer for a Sensorless Drive System of SRM

오주환(Oh Ju-Hwan) ; 이진우(Lee Jin-Woo) ; 권병일(Kwon Byung-Il)

A Novel Design Technique to Improve the Performance of Flux-Reversal Machine

김태형(Kim Tae Heoung) ; 이주(Lee Ju) ; 이상돈(Lee Sang-Don)

Measurement and Numerical Analysis of AC Loss in the HTS Pancake Coil and the HTS Solenid Coil

박명진(Park Myung-Jin) ; 이상수(Lee Sang-Soo) ; 이승욱(Lee Seung-Wook) ; 차귀수(Cha Guee-Soo) ; 이지광(Lee Ji-Kwang)

A Two-Phase Separately Randomized Pulse Position PWM Technique with Double-Zero Vector Mode

김정근(Kim Jung-Geun) ; 오승열(Oh Seung-Yeol) ; 정영국(Jung Young-Gook) ; 임영철(Lim Young-Cheol)