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Dielectric Properties of P(VDF/TrFE) Thin Films Prepared by Vapor Deposition Method

정무영(Jeong, Mu-Yeong) ; 윤종현(Yun, Jong-Hyeon) ; 이선우(Lee, Seon-U) ; 박수홍(Park, Su-Hong) ; 유도현(Yu, Do-Hyeon) ; 이덕출(Lee, Deok-Chul)

Transmission Grating Formation in High Refractive-index Amorphous Thin Films Using Focused-Ion-Beam Lithography

신경(Shin, Kyung) ; 김진우(Kim, Jin-Woo) ; 박정일(Park, Jeong-Il) ; 이현용(Lee, Hyun-Yong) ; 이영종(Lee, Young-Jong) ; 정홍배(Chung, Hong-Bay)

Effects of Deposition Conditions on Properties of CuNi thin Films Fabricated by Co-Sputtering of Dual Targets

서수형(Seo, Soo-Hyung) ; 이재엽(Lee, Jae-Yup) ; 박창균(Park, Chang-Kyun) ; 박진석(Park, Jin-Seok)

Fabrication and Characterization of Floating-Gate MOSFET with Multi-Gate and Channel Structures for CMOS Image Sensor Applications

주병권(Ju, Byeong-Gwon) ; 신경식(Sin, Gyeong-Sik) ; 이영석(Lee, Yeong-Seok) ; 백경갑(Baek, Gyeong-Gap) ; 이윤희(Lee, Yun-Hui) ; 박정호(Park, Jeong-Ho)

A Study on Electrical Properties of PZT Thin Films Deposited on the Glass Substrates

정규원(Jeong, Kyu-Won) ; 주필연(Ju, Pil-Yeon) ; 박영(Park, Young) ; 이준신(Yi, Jun-Sin) ; 송준태(Song, Joon-Tae)

PDP Tubeless Packaging Process Using Glass-to-Glass Vacuum-Electrostatic Bonding

주병권(Ju, Byeong-Gwon) ; 이덕중(Lee, Deok-Jung)