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A Design of SVC RVEGA-Fuzzy Controller to Improve Dynamic Response of AC-DC System

정형환(Jeong, Hyeong-Hwan) ; 허동렬(Heo, Dong-Ryeol) ; 왕용필(Wang, Yong-Pil) ; 정문규(Jeong, Mun-Gyu) ; 고희석(Go, Hui-Seok)

Performance Analysis of a Lowpass Filter on a CT Saturation Detection Algorithm

강용철(Gang, Yong-Cheol) ; 옥승환(Ok, Seung-Hwan) ; 윤재성(Yun, Jae-Seong) ; 강상희(Gang, Sang-Hui)

Analysis of Lightning Overvoltage on the Underground Power Cable at the Striking of Lightning Surge to the Combined Transmission Line

김남열(Kim, Nam-Yeol) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom) ; 장성환(Jang, Seong-Hwan) ; 강지원(Gang, Ji-Won)

Analysis of Sheath Circulating Current on Multi-underground Transmission Cables using EMTP

하체웅(Ha, Che-Ung) ; 김정년(Kim, Jeong-Nyeon) ; 이수길(Lee, Su-Gil) ; 김동욱(Kim, Dong-Uk) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom) ; 강지원(Gang, Ji-Won)

A Software System for Evaluation Setting and Coordination of Protective Relays in Power Transmission System

최면송(Choe, Myeon-Song) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 민병운(Min, Byeong-Un) ; 조필성(Jo, Pil-Seong)