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Harmonics Assessment for an Electric Railroad Feeding System using Moments Matching Method

이준경(Lee, Jun-Kyong) ; 이승혁(Lee, Seung-Hyuk) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

Assessment on Power Quality of Grid-Connected PV System Based on Incremental Conductance MPPT Control

설재웅(Seol, Jae-Woong) ; 장재정(Jang, Jae-Jung) ; 김동민(Kim, Dong-Min) ; 이승혁(Lee, Seung-Hyuk) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

Physical and Operational Supply Margin Evaluation of KOREA Power System

권중지(Kwon, Jung-Ji) ; 정상헌(Jeong, Sang-Heon) ; 사박(Shi, Bo) ; 트란트룽틴(Tran, TrungTinh) ; 최재석(Choi, Jae-Seok) ; 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min) ; 윤용태(Yoon, Yong-Tae)

Development of an Expert Technique and Program to Predict the Pollution of Outdoor Insulators

김재훈(Kim, Jae-Hoon) ; 김주한(Kim, Ju-Han) ; 한상옥(Han, Sang-Ok)

Neutral Current Calculation of the One Step Type Pole using KEPCO's Distribution System

서훈철(Seo, H.C.) ; 박건우(Park, K.W.) ; 김철환(Kim, C.H.) ; 정창수(Jung, C.S.) ; 유연표(Yoo, Y.P.) ; 임용훈(Lim, Y.H.) ; 설일호(Seol, I.H.)

A study on the Assessment of Transmission Loss-Factor Applicable to Competitive Electricity Markets

김강원(Kim, Kang-Won) ; 한석만(Han, Seok-Man) ; 김발호(Kim, Balho-H.)

Analysis on the Rotor Losses in High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering the Operating Condition

장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong) ; 최장영(Choi, Jang-Young) ; 조한욱(Cho, Han-Wook)

Reduction of Cogging Torque of BLDC Motor by Sinusoidal Air-Gap Flux Density Distribution

김사무엘(Kim, Samuel) ; 정승호(Jeong, Seung-Ho) ; 류세현(Rhyu, Se-Hyun) ; 권병일(Kwon, Byung-Il)