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PSCAD/EMTDC Based Modeling and Simulation Analysis of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Generation System

전진홍(Jeon Jin-Hong) ; 김응상(Kim Eung-Sang) ; 김슬기(Kim Seul-Ki)

Development of New Algorithm for the Analysis of Self-Excitation in Primary Restorative Transmission Systems

박성민(Park S.M.) ; 이경섭(Lee K.S.) ; 배주천(Bai J.C.) ; 황봉환(Hwang B.H.) ; 송인준(Song I.J.) ; 이남호(Lee N.H.) ; 이흥재(Lee H.J.)

A Parameter Estimation of Time Signal and Analysis of Low Frequency Oscillation in Power Systems

심관식(Shim Kwan-Shik) ; 남해곤(Nam Hae-Kon) ; 김용구(Kim Yong-Gu)

A Characteristics of Horizontal Swing Angle of Suspension Clamp in V type Suspension String Sets

손홍관(Sohn Hong-Kwan) ; 이형권(Lee Hyung-Kwon) ; 민병욱(Min Byeong-Wook)

A Study on Market Power Mitigation Using Supply Margin Assessment

정해성(Jeong Hae-Seong) ; 박종근(Park Jong-Keun) ; 오태규(Oh Tae-Kyu)

A System Marginal Price Forecasting Method Based on an Artificial Neural Network Using Time and Day Information

이정규(Lee Jeong-Kyu) ; 신중린(Shin Joong-Rin) ; 박종배(Park Jong-Bae)