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A Method for Optimal Location of Feeder Tie Switches for Improving Equal Load of Electric Power Equipment in Distribution Automation System

임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 임성일(Lim, Seong-Il) ; 최면송(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 신창훈(Shin, Chang-Hoon) ; 하복남(Ha, Bok-Nam)

Synchronous Generator Protective Algorithm using Wavelet Transform of Fault Currents

박철원(Park, Chul-Won) ; 신명철(Shin, Myong-Chul)

Rotor Pole Shape Design for Reducing a Cogging Torque in Spoke Type BLDC Motor

황규윤(Hwang, Kyu-Yun) ; 이상봉(Rhee, Sang-Bong) ; 양병열(Yang, Byoung-Yull) ; 권병일(Kwon, Byung-Il)

Experimental Measurement of Magnetic Properties of a Toroidal-type Bulk Electrical Steel using B-waveform Control

음영환(Eum, Young-Hwan) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang-Seop) ; 홍선기(Hong, Sun-Ki) ; 신판석(Shin, Pan-Seok)

Study on the Distortion of Detecting Signals with the Multi-Defects in Magnetic Flux Leakage System

서강(Seo, Kang) ; 김덕건(Kim, Dug-Gun) ; 한재만(Han, Jea-Man) ; 박관수(Park, Gwan-Soo)

Efficiency Characteristics of Half-bridge Series Resonant Converter for the Contact-less Power Supply

이현관(Lee, Hyun-Kwan) ; 송환국(Song, Hwan-Kook) ; 김은수(Kim, Eun-Soo) ; 김윤호(Kim, Yoon-Ho)