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HPF Application Test for PD Detection of XLPE Power Cable

김정윤(Kim, Jung-Yoon) ; 양종경(Yang, Jong-Kyung) ; 박노준(Park, Noh-Joon) ; 최용성(Choi, Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park, Dae-Hee) ; 이용성(Lee, Yong-Sung)

A Study on the PD Signal Analysis with Applied Fuzzy Algorithm

김용갑(Kim, Yong-K.) ; 김진수(Kim, Jin-Su)

Properties of On-Line Partial Discharge in Hydrogenerator Stator Windings

김병한(Kim, Byong-Han) ; 김희동(Kim, Hee-Dong)

Development and Site Evaluation of the On-line Partial Discharge Measuring System on the 13 kV Class Stator Windings for Hydro Generator

선종호(Sun, Jong-Ho) ; 황돈하(Hwang, Don-Ha) ; 윤영호(Yun, Young-Ho) ; 신병철(Shin, Byoung-Chol) ; 오봉근(Oh, Bong-Keun) ; 강동식(Kang, Dong-Sik)

Analysis of Accelerated Soft Error Rate for Characteristic Parameters on Static RAM

공명국(Gong, Myeong-Kook) ; 왕진석(Wang, Jin-Suk) ; 김도우(Kim, Do-Woo)