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Interpretation Works and Online Terminology Information System for the Standardization of Smart Grid Terminologies

황유모(Hwang, Humor) ; 김정훈(Kim, Jung-Hoon)

Review Criteria for Reliability from Analysis of LOOP frequency in NPPs

문수철(Moon, Su-Cheol) ; 김건중(Kim, Kern-Joong)

A Study on the Revenue Reconciliation Algorithm of Real-time Pricing Considering Imperfect Information on Customer Response

권종환(Kwon, Jong-Hwan) ; 김발호(Kim, Balho H.)

Study on Present Status and Future Direction of Korean Offshore Wind Power

성진기(Sung, Jin Ki) ; 이태진(Lee, Tae Jin)

Development of Pilot Plant for Distributed Intelligent Management System of Microgrids

오상진(Oh, Sang-Jin) ; 유철희(Yoo, Cheol-Hee) ; 정일엽(Chung, Il-Yop) ; 임재봉(Lim, Jae-Bong)

An Accuracy Improvement on Acquisition Time of SCADA RTU Status Event

이주헌(Lee, Ju-Heon) ; 이상중(Lee, Sang-Joong)

Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking Control Algorithm for Improving Electric Power Transmission Efficiency between Photovoltaic Power Generating system and the Grid

권철순(Kwon, Cheol-Soon) ; 김광수(Kim, Kwang Soo) ; 도태용(Do, Tae Young) ; 박성준(Park, Sung-Jun) ; 강필순(Kang, Feel-Soon)

Wireless Power Transmission using Electromagnetic Inductive Coupling and LC Resonant

이승환(Lee, Seung-Hwan) ; 김현민(Kimm, Hyoen-Min) ; 김희제(Kim, Hee-Je) ; 김수원(Kim, Su-Weon)

Input AC Voltage Sensorless Control for a Three-Phase Z-Source PWM Rectifier

한근우(Han, Keun-Woo) ; 정영국(Jung, Young-Gook) ; 임영철(Lim, Young-Cheol)

Analysis of Factor on the Temperature Effect on the Output of PV Module

임종록(Lim, Jong-Log) ; 우성철(Woo, Sung-Cheol) ; 정태희(Jung, Tae-Hee) ; 민용기(Min, Yong-Ki) ; 원창섭(Won, Chang-Sub) ; 안형근(Ahn, Hyung-Keun)