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The Finite Element Methodology of Switched Reluctance Motor Considering DC Link Voltage Ripple and Freewheeling Diodes

최재학(Choi Jae-Hak) ; 김태형(Kim Tae Heoung) ; 장기봉(Jang Ki-Bong) ; 이상돈(Lee Sang-Don) ; 이주(Lee Ju)

Study of a New Technique for the Train Tracking System

정락교(Jeong Rag-Gyo) ; 조홍식(Cho Hong-Shik) ; 정상기(Chung Sang-Gi) ; 김영석(Kim Young-Seok)

Analysis of AC Losses in HIS Transformer with Double Pancake Windings

김종태(Kim Jong-Tae) ; 김우석(Kim Woo-Seok) ; 김성훈(Kim Sung-Hoon) ; 최경달(Choi Kyeong-Dal) ; 주형길(Joo Hyeong-Gil) ; 홍계원(Hong Gye-Won) ; 한진호(Han Jin-Ho) ; 이희균(Lee Hee-Gyoun)

Characteristic Analysis of Contactless Energy Transmission System using 3D Finite Element Method

우경일(Woo Kyung-Il) ; 박한석(Park Han-Seok) ; 조윤현(Cho Yun-Hyun)

An Improved High Efficiency Resonant Converter for the Contactless Power Supply with a Low Coupling Transformer

공영수(Kong Young-Su) ; 김은수(Kim Eun-Soo) ; 이현관(Lee Hyun-Kwan)

Sensorless Indirect Vector Control of Two-phase Induction Motor by Sliding Mode Flux/Speed Observer

김삼영(Kim Sam-Young) ; 박성수(Park Seong-Su) ; 박승엽(Park Seung-Yub)

Dimming Control of Microcontroller-based Automotive HID Lamp Ballast

이재학(Lee Jae-Hak) ; 김윤호(Kim Yoon-Ho)