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AC Breakdown Characteristics of Ar/N_2 and Kr/N_2Gas Mixtures

이상우(Lee, Sang-Woo) ; 김인식(Kim, In-Sik) ; 이동인(Lee, Dong-In) ; 이광식(Lee, Kwang-Sik) ; 김이국(Kim, Lee-Kook)

Characteristics Improvement of Plate-Type Ozonizer using Inverse-Polarity Voltage and Accumulative Method

이상근(Lee, Sang-Geun) ; 박용권(Park, Yong-Gwon) ; 이동욱(Lee, Dong-Uk) ; 전병준(Jeon, Byeong-Jun) ; 송현직(Song, Hyeon-Jik) ; 이광식(Lee, Gwang-Sik)

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Lightning Air Terminals by the HV Laboratory Test

이재복(Lee, Jae-Bok) ; 명성호(Myeong, Seong-Ho) ; 조연규(Jo, Yeon-Gyu) ; 김점식(Kim, Jeom-Sik)

Fabrication of a Micro Scent Injector

박태규(Park, Tae-Gyu) ; 양상식(Yang, Sang-Sik) ; 김영식(Kim, Yeong-Sik) ; 이상우(Lee, Sang-U)

An Optical Microswitch Integrated with Silicon Waveguides, Micromirrors, and Electrostatic Touch-Down Beam Actuators

진영현(Jin, Yeong-Hyeon) ; 서경선(Seo, Gyeong-Seon) ; 조영호(Jo, Yeong-Ho) ; 이상신(Lee, Sang-Sin) ; 송기창(Song, Gi-Chang) ; 부종욱(Bu, Jong-Uk)