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Development of a Large Capacity Hybrid-Type Linear Motor Damper for the vibration Control of Building Structures

정상섭(Jeong, Sang-Seop) ; 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong) ; 이성호(Lee, Seong-Ho) ; 윤인기(Yun, In-Gi)

Study on Prediction Method for ELF Transient Magnetic Field from Home Appliances

주문노(Ju, Mun-No) ; 양광호(Yang, Kwang-Ho) ; 명성호(Myung, Sung-Ho) ; 민석원(Min, Suk-Won)

Power Standard System for the Calibration and Test of Precision Power Meters

박영태(Park, Young-Tae) ; 유권상(Ryu, Kwon-Sang) ; 유광민(Yu, Kwang-Min) ; 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong)

Study on the High and High Voltage 35 kW, 50 kV Inverter Power Supply

손윤규(Son, Yoon-Gyu) ; 장성덕(Jang, Sung-Duck) ; 오종석(Oh, Jong-Seok) ; 조무현(Cho, Moo-Hyun)

A Charging Circuit for the Power Stotage of Wind Power Generation

고석철(Ko, Seok-Cheol) ; 강형곤(Kang, Hyeong-Gon) ; 임성훈(Lim, Sung-Hun) ; 한병성(Han, Byoung-Sung) ; 송승호(Song, Seung-Ho)

A multilevel PWM Inverter for Harmonics Reduction

강필순(Kang, Feel-Soon) ; 박성준(Park, Sung-Jun) ; 김철우(Kim, Cheol-U)

A Study on the High-Power Factor, High-Efficiency AC/DC Boost Converter with Non-Dissipative Snubber

배진용(Bae, Jin-Yong) ; 김용(Kim, Yong) ; 권순도(Kwon, Soon-Do) ; 이은영(Lee, Eun-Young) ; 강재호(Kang, Jae-Ho) ; 계상범(Kye, Sang-Bum)